Tools you need to help run your Dive Business

DCHQ delivers exceptional software to make your everyday operations run smoothly!

Dive Centre HQ is a complete dive shop management system delivering point of sale, event management and customer relationship facilities across web and mobile devices. Dive Centre HQ was built to help you quickly get your business off the ground & use best-of-breed technology to support your operations. Whether you need just a Point of Sale tool or a fully-integrated event management, CRM and servicing platform, Dive Centre HQ is here to help.

Product highlights and core features

Point of Sale & Inventory

Sell inventory items, miscellaneous products, events and more. Fully integrated with core modules inc. events and servicing.

Event Management

Manage your dive courses, trips or other events, generate print manifests or use your smart phone to see what's happening.

Customer Records

Store customer history including sales, events and kit they own. Add notes, files and keep records of dive incidents.


Book services, track progress and send status reports to the customer. Seamlessly complete the sale in the Point of Sale.

Equipment Rental

Track rental inventory, allocate rentals to customers and ensure your kit is returned on-time and checked in.


Run on-demand reports based on sales, events and end of day totals. Sync finance reports to Xero or export to QIF format.

Make it your own with Add-ons and a RESTful API

We believe in helping you make use of best-in-class technology, so by integrating with 3rd party services, you can tailor Dive Centre HQ to meet your needs. Whether you want to leverage the Xero accounting system integration or sync your customers to Mailchimp, its as easy as clicking a button.

And if you're more technically minded and want to access & manipulate data through custom applications, you can achieve this using our RESTful API. There are already a number of Dive Stores that have built custom integrations for online bookings as well as their own mobile offline applications.

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An Open Source Community That Stands by You

We're passionate about the dive industry and have a wealth of shared knowledge amongst our community, giving you the ability to succeed with the software. There is no cost to use Dive Centre HQ. The MIT License ensures you can run and/or modify the software in any way you see fit.

Great Features

Customer feedback drives the innovation of the product. We strive to deliver exceptional software.

Robust Security

Pro-active automated & human monitoring wiuth regular security patching.

Host in your Cloud

Deploy DCHQ onto your own servers or use any one of our recommended cloud hosting solutions.

Friendly Community

Our community are based around the world and are regularly updating the software.

Install for Free on Heroku

We've made it as easy as clicking a button to get your own version of Dive Centre HQ up and running. It will run on on the free tier.

Want a quick test-drive?

Want to give the software a go without setting up your own servers? Simply use the details below to access the sandbox. Please be aware the sandbox is reset every 72 hours.